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Night life dazzles in Yangzhou

Updated: Jun 12, 2024 seeyangzhou.com Print
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Nightime hanfu performance at the Slender West Lake scenic spot in Yangzhou. [Photo/WeChat account: yzs_lyj]

Throughout the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, Yangzhou city in East China's Jiangsu province shimmered with nighttime splendor, featuring captivating night tours, night performances, and bustling night markets that illuminated the city's vibrant culture and night economy.

As evening descended and the lights began to twinkle, the grand immersive night tour unfolded on the picturesque Slender West Lake. Whether gliding on a boat or strolling along the shore, visitors were treated to the breathtaking sight of dazzling lights illuminating the dark sky.


Light show at the Slender West Lake scenic spot at night in Yangzhou. [Photo/WeChat account: yzs_lyj]

Along the ancient Grand Canal, throngs of visitors took the opportunity to board the night tour boat. Traveling through the canal gave participants the feeling of passage through a tunnel of time, allowing them to witness Yangzhou's rich cultural heritage along the canal, spanning from ancient eras to the present.


Crowds of visitors board the night tour boat along the ancient Grand Canal in Yangzhou. [Photo/WeChat account: yzs_lyj]

The Yangzhou Grand Canal Theatre showcased a plethora of thrilling performances, offering a cultural extravaganza for the residents and tourists during the holiday season.


Artist play guzheng, or Chinese zither, a Chinese tradtional plucked musical string instrument, at a theatre in Yangzhou. [Photo/WeChat account: yzs_lyj]

Night markets at Dongguan Street, Pishi Street, Renfengli, and other locales beckoned many visitors to indulge in exploring cultural and creative products, experiencing intangible heritage crafts, and sampling delectable local cuisines.


Night market abuzz with tourists at an old street in Yangzhou. [Photo/WeChat account: yzs_lyj]

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