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  • About China

    Basic profile; people; geographical condition; political system; culture and education.

  • China Economic Development Zones

    Start your business in China's economic development zones!

  • China's Financial Policies and Data

    Ministry of Finance; financial policies; general public budget; government procurement

  • China's Free Trade Zones

    FTZs; introduction; policies; investment and trade; pictures; videos; news

  • China's Macroeconomic Data

    Statistics; GDP; foreign trade and investment; fiscal revenue and taxes; people's livelihoods

  • China's World of Science

    Chinese Academies of Sciences; scientific research and innovation; basic research; scientific research institutions; scientists; Newsletters

  • Culture and Arts

    Guiding information of China's public cultural institutions, cultural landmarks, and online features.

  • Consumer Issues

    Online shopping and payment; tax exemption; rights and complaints; scams and unwanted marketing.

  • Cross-Strait Relations

    Economy and trade; education; work; health; culture and tourism; laws and policies; institutions

  • Disability Services

    Support services; rehabilitation; jobs and education; rights; poverty alleviation.

  • Discover Beautiful China

    Embark on an adventure to explore China's beauty, from vibrant cities to top destinations, cultural treasures, and more.

  • Disease Control and Prevention

    China CDC; public health; health topics; scientific researches; comprehensive management of health standards and related matters; emergency response

  • Education

    Education system; primary and secondary education; universities; scholarship.

  • Fairs and Expos in China

    China expos; investment fairs; ongoing and upcoming events; spotlight; search library; business opportunity in China

  • Family and Community

    Marriage and divorce; births and deaths; adoption and fostering; child care; housing and property.

  • Government Agencies

    A list of government organs of the People's Republic of China.

  • Green China

    Ecological environment; disaster relief; environmental protection; global cooperation; green economy

  • Health

    Public health; hospitals; childcare; vaccines; food; drugs; self-care products.

  • Intellectual Property Rights

    Copyright; patents; trademarks; geographical indication; laws and regulations; publications.

  • International Development Cooperation

    To provide foreign aid reform way, formulate foreign aid programs and determine foreign aid projects.

  • Invest in China

    How to invest in China. Here's the online guide to foreign investment here.

  • Invest in China - Hainan

    Explore the island's thriving sectors, grasp the investment climate, and seize a spectrum of business opportunities.

  • IT and Communications

    Internet+; advanced research; encyclopedia; communications; statistics.

  • Judicial System

    Courts and tribunals; procurators; legal rights; judicial administration; legal system.

  • Learning Chinese

    Tips; tests; buzzwords; scholarship; multimedia learning.

  • Medical Products

    Drugs; vaccination; medical devices; cosmetics; laws and regulations.

  • Money and Credit

    Banking services; money and payment; debt and credit record; insurance; donations.

  • Motoring

    Auto shows; global car industry; domestic auto market; new arrivals; policies; top talks; videos

  • Museums

    Database; art; history; science; specialty; observatory; planetarium; memorial; features

  • Performing Arts

    Database; theatres; companies; stage plays; music festival; dance drama; operas

  • State-owned Enterprises

    Directory of central SOEs; statistics; policies.

  • Study China

    Find universities and programs, as well as application and scholarship updates for int'l students.

  • Taxation

    Tax information for foreign residents, enterprises, traders and travelers.

  • Trade

    Exhibitions; pilot free trade zones; statistics; resources.

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine

    TCM; therapies; hospitals; learning TCM in China; laws and regulations.

  • Transportation

    China has an efficient public transportation network, especially between the large cities.

  • Travel and Tourism

    Find stories and information on travel to China, vacation advice and hot tourist destinations.

  • Visas and Immigration

    Check if you need a Chinese visa, apply, manage your application, residence permits.

  • White Papers

    A listing of Chinese Government-issued white papers on various topics yearly.

  • Women and Children

    Gender equality and women' s development; authorities and organizations; protection of children; projects; people; laws and regulations.

  • Work in China

    Find a job; visas and permits; rights and obligations; wages and taxes; retirement.

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