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Traditional Opera shines at Yunnan University

Updated: Jun 12, 2024 Print
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At Yunnan University's Wancui Garden, a series of operatic performances recently took place. Since the fall semester of 2015, Yunnan University has offered a general education course titled "Yue Opera Appreciation", which is now in its eighth year. The course has received guidance from numerous professionals, including famous makeup artist Xu Wenjuan, the Yunnan Provincial Lantern Troupe, and Plum Performance Award winner Li Danyu.

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An instructor (left) teaches a student how to perform Yue Opera at Wancui Garden. [Photo/WeChat account of Yunnan University]

The course is distinctive, emphasizing students' emotional experience of opera and encouraging their participation in learning opera movements, makeup, and performance. The instructor also established the Wancui Garden Opera Club, providing students with a platform to showcase their talents. Additionally, the course focuses on the preservation and promotion of opera culture.

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Some stage photos of students performing a play at Yunnan University. [Photo/WeChat account of Yunnan University]

Over the years, the "Yue Opera Appreciation" course has achieved significant results, being recognized as a first-class undergraduate course and a model project for integrating ideological and political education in Yunnan province. More importantly, the course has contributed to the preservation and promotion of China's excellent traditional culture within the university and beyond.

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