Ou kiln mini-program game revives traditional porcelain-making

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International students praise the mini-program game "Seeking Memories of Ou Kiln". [Photos provided to chinaservicesinfo.com]

Ou kiln, an outstanding representative of ancient Chinese kilns, carries millennia of porcelain-making wisdom and techniques. Originating in the Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220) and flourishing until the Song Dynasty (960-1279), Ou kiln is renowned for its unique sky-blue glaze. Amid the wave of modernization, the inheritors of Ou kiln have not abandoned their craft. Instead, inspired by the transformation of the Rui'an Taoshan kiln, they have infused new vitality into the tradition by integrating modern technology with innovative "real-scene interaction" methods.

Created by the Youyi Studio, the mini-program game "Seeking Memories of Ou Kiln" is founded by students of Wenzhou Polytechnic, in collaboration with the inheritors of Rui'an Taoshan kiln. This game, through engaging puzzles, allows players to learn about the Ou kiln's production process and experience its charm. This game is not only a heartfelt tribute to the Ou kiln culture but also a bold attempt at innovative inheritance.

The international students who played the mini-program game "Seeking Memories of Ou Kiln" praise the Ou kiln game for its real-scene interactive experience. They exclaimed: "I didn't expect to learn and understand China's intangible heritage history in such a way!" "The exploration process is not boring at all; I have learned and experienced intangible cultural heritage and knowledge while playing!" This positive feedback not only highlights the success of the interactive game but also demonstrates its potential and possibilities in the international dissemination of Chinese intangible cultural heritage.

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