Smart translator boosts trade at Canton Fair

Updated: Apr 18, 2024 By QIU QUANLIN in Guangzhou China Daily Print
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Smart translators have turned into a boon for Chinese exporters and foreign buyers as far as cross-language communications services go at the China Import and Export Fair.

After scanning a QR code to enter a WeChat mini-program and paying a deposit, exhibitors and buyers have been able to rent smart translation devices developed by Chinese artificial intelligence company iFlytek Co Ltd.

The company has opened rental and sales service for its smart translators at the fair, whose 135th edition opened to the public on Monday.

"As sustained trading at the fair brings significant demand for cross-language communication, we are bringing smart tools to break the language barrier, helping to improve trade efficiency between Chinese exporters and overseas buyers," said Zhang Jing, a senior manager at the AI marketing business department of the company.

As of Wednesday, more than 107,700 overseas buyers from 212 countries and regions have attended this year's event, also known internationally as the Canton Fair. The number represents a 23 percent increase compared with the last session in October, the organizers said.

Supporting 85 languages spoken in over 200 countries and regions, iFlytek's translation device, which comes equipped with a large voice model, can serve customers who speak their own languages, according to the company.

For instance, while encountering a foreigner whose language cannot be clearly distinguished, the translation device will automatically identify the language — for example, Japanese, Thai or French — from the conversation and utilize multiple language engines to aid in communication, the company said.

"Specialized foreign trade terms pose no difficulty — exhibitors can express themselves more smoothly, while buyers can gain clearer explanations for products, significantly increasing the chances of closing deals," she said.

iFlytek can help Chinese export-oriented enterprises expand their businesses globally, primarily through technological and marketing empowerment, according to Zhang.

"As an AI and voice technology company, iFlytek possesses powerful multilingual speech recognition and synthesis technologies, which can assist international enterprises in addressing the language challenges in diverse global markets," she said.

Through its translation services and devices, the company helps international enterprises enhance cross-language communication efficiency and provides more localized and personalized services for users in different countries and regions, according to Zhang.

Additionally, iFlytek has developed a global programmatic advertising marketing platform, utilizing AI technology and algorithm capabilities to help businesses reach more target users and achieve more effective user growth.

During the Canton Fair, the company also unveiled its latest open large model, iFlytek Spark V3.5, which is based on the first nationwide computing power platform and delivers rapid and precise responses.

"The large model can efficiently assist enterprises in generating localized content during overseas marketing and promotion," she said.

Currently, the marketing platform's coverage areas mainly include the Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, Latin America, the United States and Europe, accumulating rich service experience in the e-commerce, internet services and online travel industries.

In addition to technological advancements, iFlytek Spark V3.5 is rapidly accelerating its practical applications. Currently, iFlytek's AI programmers are not only using it internally within the company but have also deployed it in over 100 firms.

The model not only comprehends complex programming logic but also automatically generates high-quality code, assisting developers in improving their coding efficiency and expediting the construction of the digital world, according to the company.

During the Canton Fair, iFlytek also showcased its deep applications and solutions in the fields of education, automotive, urban development and other areas, presenting its intelligent software and hardware devices.

"In the current climate of accelerated globalization facing Chinese enterprises, iFlytek is providing comprehensive support to businesses expanding into international markets, facilitating the rapid expansion of their global market presence," said Zhang.

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