‘Common Heritage, Shared Future’ unveils 2023 winners

Updated: Feb 8, 2024 www.chinaservicesinfo.com Print
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The final review of the inaugural 2023 “Common Heritage, Shared Future” short video submissions recently concluded, with six top works and eight noteworthy pieces winning unanimous approval from the judges.

The event, co-organized by the National Cultural Heritage Administration and China Daily, aims to encourage museums around the world and their enthusiastic fans to tell compelling video stories about cultural relics and spread the voice of China.

The top works feature China’s professional role in restoring the ancient temples of Cambodia’s Angkor Wat, the keeled ocean-going Fujian-ships that fostered China’s historical trade along the Maritime Silk Road and others.

Among the noteworthy pieces are videos about the refined craftsmanship of Nanjing Museum’s ox-shaped bronze lamp and the vivid portrayal of a Tang Dynasty sancai-glazed figure of a camel carrying musicians.

The invitation for submissions received excellent video works from museum staff, museum enthusiasts and culture lovers in China and abroad. The winning videos use colorful themes, vivid narratives and innovative editing, providing valuable insights into China’s cultural heritage for the global audience.

Full lists of the winning works are attached at the end of the announcement. The China Museums platform, among others, will display these videos to showcase their outstanding quality.

Link: Common Heritage, Shared Future

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