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Published works on such topics as education, fashion and film. [Photo provided to China Daily]

Throughout the exhibition, a variety of activities were organized to facilitate the exchange of perspectives among all 12 teams. One of the activities was themed on "total catalog", which involved a comprehensive sharing of insights, and a roundtable discussion featuring 12 groups of people who tried to explore the concept of "mutual learning of civilizations".

Additionally, there was a forum for practitioners, called Roadside Picnic, where representatives of the 12 films engaged with teachers and students. It was an interactive session of Q&A and dialogues, conducted through open-air classes in 12 camping tents on the Liangzhu campus.

The concluding event of the project was the Inside-Out dialogue. This session highlighted Yung Ho Chang, architect of the Liangzhu Campus, with four crossover experts engaging in discussions on such topics as education, fashion, and film.

"We aim to be both grounded and visionary — neither solely focused on the path ahead without observing the sky, nor fixated solely on the sky without advancing. Through our actions, we consistently challenge our boundaries and probe into universal issues," Jiang says.

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