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Updated: May 7, 2022 By Li Yang China Daily Print
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Feng Nai'en, curator of the Prince Kung's Palace Museum. [Photo by Guan Xin/For China Daily]

The museum is also trying to diversify its cultural and creative products-from bags to stationeries-and improve their practical use, so people can use them in their daily lives.

The digitalization of the mansion's unique architecture and nearly 60,000 pieces of antiques and ancient pictures have helped the museum to build a huge database of "digital heritages" open to researchers. The museum also plans to digitally "restore" its lost buildings and setting. This digital restoration will be based on professional archaeological research data and historical records.

Experts say digitalization of museums is of great significance for the conservation of traditional cultural relics. And in the future, museums are more likely than not to use artificial intelligence and the internet of things to create electronic signs for collections and properly maintain them. For, as Feng said, science and technology and culture have always developed together, and the advancement of science and technology should help protect and promote culture, while boosting research and development.

Staff collect data of pictures of the first gate of the museum for the museum's digitalization on Nov 16, 2020. [Photo by Guan Xin/For China Daily]

"We are just trying to expand the functional and attributable boundaries of museums to realize larger-than-life effects so that traditional cultural resources can be better used, researched, developed and understood by the modern world," Feng said.

Digital technology is enabling people to experience the charms of culture. For instance, thanks to websites, WeChat, Weibo and other apps and online channels, people today have greater access to history and culture, and they could do so without leaving home. Also, a fashion show of intangible cultural heritages of China the Prince Kung's Palace Museum organized last year attracted 11.83 million viewers online.

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