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Infectious Diseases of Poverty

Updated: Jan 5, 2022 chinacdc.cn Print
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Infectious Diseases of Poverty is an open access, peer-reviewed journal covering topic areas and methods that address essential public health questions relating to infectious diseases in impoverished areas. These include various aspects of the biology of pathogens and vectors, diagnosis and detection, treatment and case management, epidemiology and modeling, zoonotic hosts and animal reservoirs, control strategies and implementation, new technologies and application. Transdisciplinary or multisectoral effects on health systems, ecohealth, environmental management, and innovative technology are also considered.

The journal aims to identify and assess research and information gaps that hinder progress towards new interventions for a particular public health problem in the developing world. Moreover, it provides a platform for discussion of the issues raised in order to advance research and evidence building for improved public health interventions in poor settings.


ISSN 2095-5162

eISSN 2049-9957

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