Research and application of disease burdens among Chinese population

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This project was led by the National Center for Chronic and Noncommunicable Disease Control and Prevention of the China CDC. It won the first prize at the Huaxia Medical Science and Technology Awards in 2019, and the second prize at the Chinese Medical Science and Technology Awards in 2020.

The main contributions of this project include the following.

1) It improved and optimized the methods and technologies initiated by the global burden of disease study, and established a burden of disease methodology system suitable for China;

2) It put forward the concept of "five health areas in China" for the first time. It systematically estimated, compared and analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of health status in China, explored the major health issues and differences among provinces, and provided critical evidence for local governments to identify major public health problems and areas for health resource investment;

3) It carried out prediction research for health problems such as premature deaths among the Chinese population, analyzed and identified the influence and future trends of life expectancy and premature deaths due to key chronic diseases under different risk factor intervention scenarios. The results were incorporated into the "Healthy China 2030" blueprint and the "Long and Medium-term NCD Control and Prevention Plan 2017-2025".

4) It established the burden of a disease data analysis system, achieved intelligentization and visualization of the burden of disease study by standardization and comprehensive integration of data, analysis technology and results and provided an important basis for local disease burden estimates.

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