Study on the pathogens and key technologies of molecular detection for important emerging intestinal protozoa and their application in China

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This research project was led by Cao Jianping, a researcher from the National Institute of Parasitic Diseases (Chinese Center for Tropical Diseases Research) of the China CDC, and completed jointly by multiple agencies and organizations.

It won the second prize at the Chinese Medical Science Awards in 2019, the second prize at the Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Awards, and the third prize at the Huaxia Medical Science and Technology Awards.

Emerging intestinal protozoa such as Cryptosporidium spp., which causes severe diarrhea, are mainly transmitted through water and food, resulting in frequent outbreaks around the world with serious public health consequences.

This research project established and standardized key technologies of molecular detection for emerging intestinal protozoa, and efficiently identified their species and genotypes/subtypes. New findings were obtained through the application of key technologies of molecular detection for emerging intestinal protozoa. The distribution of species and genotypes/subtypes of emerging intestinal protozoa, and their dominant species, molecular genetic characteristics and population structures in different regions of China, were clarified systematically from human, animal and water sources for the first time.

Key technologies of molecular detection for emerging intestinal protozoa have been successfully applied to major national science and technology projects and events, such as the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, with significant social benefits. Guidance has been provided for medical and disease control institutions at all levels in the country to improve capacity for detection of emerging intestinal protozoa.

This research is on a par with similar research worldwide, and provides important technical support of important scientific and practical value for pathogen identification and prevention and control of emerging intestinal protozoa.

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