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Adherence to the prominent position of improving the Party's style of work, upholding clean and honest administration and combating corruption

We should earnestly study and practice General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important addresses delivered in different Plenary Sessions of the Eighteenth CPC Central Committee, Wang Qishan’s significant speeches and the spirits delivered in all the plenary sessions.

We should continue to carry out the construction of integrity culture and the demonstrative education, warning education and occupation integrity education of anti-corruption, so that the ideological morality basis of political career of the majority judicial administrative officers can be strengthened.

We should make great efforts in promoting the system construction of punishment and prevention of corruption, establish and perfect the working mechanism with characteristics of judicial administration for combating corruption and building a clean government.

We should enhance the risk prevention and control related to combating corruption and intensively carry out the work of checking clean government risks and that of prevention and control.

We shall be resolute in stepping up efforts to investigating and prosecuting serious cases, with a great focus on corruption cases which were conducted in the area of engineering construction and operating management and during the procedure of administrative examination and approval.

We shall seriously investigate and punish officials who are involved in corruption cases happened during commutation, parole, temporary supervision and other forms of law enforcement, thoroughly enhancing the Party's capacity to fight corruption and uphold integrity, we will focus on improving the institutions for punishing and preventing corruption.

Through unremitting efforts to strengthen the ranks of the team, the judicial administrative team are constantly growing and developing.

It has improved the overall quality of the team and the ability to perform their duties, demonstrating a new look of the spirit. In this way, the reform and development of judicial administration is strongly guaranteed.

The majority of the judicial administrative police officers are based on their own work, fulfill their duties,provide selfless service; they have weathered a severe test and made positive contribution; some of them even sacrifice their precious lives.

A large number of advanced individual models in the judicial administrative team has emerged, among whom Li Peibin and Chen Lihua are outstanding representatives.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, 21 out of national judicial administrative grass-roots units have been awarded the collective merit, 31 officers have been awarded the honorary title of model hero of national judicial administrative system, more than 2,000 advanced collectives and more than 4,500 advanced individuals received recognition by the Ministry of Justice; there are more than 170 judicial police officers died and more than 820 judicial police officers injured while on duty, carrying forward the righteousness, boosting their morale, and fostering a positive image of the judicial administrative team.

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