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Vigorously strengthening the job security of judicial administrative team

In order to adjust the standard of police rank allowance and judicial assistant's post allowance and to implement the allowance of people’s police on duty, nine ministries, including the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Justice and so on jointly issued the "People's Police Pensions preferential treatment".

It greatly adjusts the priority and pension standard of people's police in detoxification prisons and concerns and solves real difficulties of police casualties and their families. In this way, the job security system of grassroots judicial administrative officers is developed and improved.

We shall deepen the degree of policy inclination on grass-roots units, increase greatly the number of authorized long-term police working on the first-line within judicial administration and enrich the workforce of grassroot prisons and judicial departments, in terms of instructions of streamlining institutions and enriching first-line tasks. In this way, the problem of being lack of first-line people’s police is effectively alleviated.

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