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Suzhou Municipal Farce Troupe

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The Suzhou Municipal Farce Troupe was founded in Sept,1950. In the past few decades, the Troupe has produced a large number of popular farces including "Two Cops of Suzhou", "Qian Dushao Prays for Rain", "Little Shandong Comes to Shanghai" and many other representative works with good reputation. The movies "satisfied or not?", "Little Moo1it Restaurant", "On the 30th Floor", have won great popularity all over the country. The large modern farce "The Happy Yellow Hat" won the Good Play Award in the National Modern Theater Festival and the 2nd Wenhua Award issued by the Ministry of Culture. "One, Two, Three, start to March!" won the 7th Wenhua Award and the Cao Yu Theatrical Work Award in the 5th China Theatrical Festival. Short play "Tonight's Love" and "More Love Tonight" won the Wenhua Award New Performance.

The Troupe has fostered a number of talented artists including famous comic artist Zhang Huaner, founder of the distinctive school of the Impassive Comic Performance, and also well known senior comic artist Fang xiaoxiao, Ye Xiazhen and Lu Chensheng. In recent years, the Troupe has a group of young and mid-aged artists as its backbone, including first grade artist Gu Xiang, winner of two Plum Blossom Awards; first grade artist Zhang keqin, winner of the Plum Blossom Award as well as Zhang weigang, Yin Yuguan and Ji hutang. With its emphasis on play plot and structure, character featuring and humor as its special characteristics, the Troupe is warmly welcomed by its audience.

Address: No. 29, Qingyuanchang, Suzhou, Jiangsu 

Post code: 215005

Tel: (0521) 65224862


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