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Peking Opera Theater of Jiangsu Province

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The Peking Opera Theater of Jiangsu Province has grown out of the Peking Opera Troupe of Jiangsu Province. It has more than 200 programs on its repertoire, such as The Beautiful Girl's Soul Left Her Body and "Presenting Pears on the Rainbow Bridge(revised editions of classic).The Story of Precious Candles(a new play on the historical theme); Honor and Disgrace, The Red Shoes, The Story of Green Snake, "Beauty Xishi Returns to Yue Kingdom(new plays on the historical marvelous tale);"Staring the Undertaking", "It is the Man and "The Rickshaw Driver Xiangzi"(modern plays). Among these, presenting Pearls on the Rainbow Bridge won a gold medal at the 7th World Youth Festival in l959."The Red Shoes won best program prize at the National Peking Opera New Program Presentation in l988, "The Story of Precious Candle won the 1st Wenhua new program prize awarded by the Ministry of Culture, "The Story of Green Snake won the best program prize at the National Youth Peking Opera Troupes (Teams) New Program Invitational performance in l992 and the 3rd Wenhua new program prize,"Beauty Xishi Returns to Yue Kingdom won Cheng Changgeng bronze medal at the first China Beijing Opera Festival in l995,"Rickshaw Driver Xiangzi" won a gold medal at the 2nd China Beijing Opera Art Festival.

The Theater has been invited to perform in Austria, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Australia, Canada, Mexico, the Republic of Korea, Germany, Indonesia, Japan, Switzerland and Taiwan region.

The well-known artists of the Theater are Shen Xiaomei, Huang Xiaoci, Huang Xiaoping, Zhong Rong and Jiang Yan. There are many young and middle-aged artists like Ai Jinmei, Gong Suping and Li Jie.

Website:  www.jsyanyi.cn/yuantuan/shouyefen/jianjie.htm

Address: No.20, Xiaohuowa Xiang, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province

Post code: 210002

Tel: (025) 4401071


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