Ministries: Guidance on green manufacturing in Yangtze River Economic Belt

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Leading enterprises in key industries are being encouraged to take the initiative in carrying out green manufacturing projects in areas as diverse as engineering, food and textiles to promote green development in the economic belt.

The efficiency of industrial water use is expected to be improved and water-saving technical reform will be pushed forward.

The circulation use of water, as another important way to save water, will be applied in industries with high water consumption. Utilization of unconventional water resources will be expanded such as seawater desalination in coastal areas, the use of reclaimed water in steel and nonferrous metal factories, and rainwater collection.

The prevention and control of major pollutants to water, air and soil are listed in the document, launching a series of regulations for industries and coal-fired power plants to take measures to reduce pollution.

Local governments shall be fully aware of the significance of promoting green manufacturing and will be responsible for reinforcing their leadership in implementing relevant policies.

Innovations in technological equipment and products are being promoted, as these are expected to contribute to the industrial application and promotion of proven technologies and support the green development of industries in the area.

Preference is being given to projects related to the green industry through financial policies to support the settling of these projects in appropriate areas and to explore new models for regional pollution control.

The training of talents is a key component in the development of green manufacturing. Great importance is being attached to cultivating talents in professional technologies and management. International cooperation and communications will be carried out to help green manufacturing go global.

The media, education institutions, along with various associations and organizations will give full play to publicizing green development to create a positive social atmosphere.


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