Ministries: Guidance on green manufacturing in Yangtze River Economic Belt

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It is also giving full play to the positive effect of technological transformation in upgrading traditional industries. Upgrading work is being done under standards higher than the national average to set leading levels in the country.

China is attaching great importance to intelligent manufacturing and service-oriented manufacturing. Demonstration will be set up in regions with sound working bases and high motivation.

Businesses in the middle and lower reaches of the river are being encouraged to take the lead in developing intelligent manufacturing, while major support is being given to the middle and upper reaches to catch up with the leaders in their sectors.

The energy conservation and environmental protection industry will see rapid development in the near future. Clustering the development of equipment manufacturing in the energy conservation and environmental protection industry will be carried out in cities such as Chongqing, Wuxi, Chengdu, Changsha and Hangzhou.

Areas including Jiangsu, Shanghai and Chongqing will focus on research and development (R&D) in this emerging industry and upgrade relevant services. Other places such as Shanghai’s Lingang, Anhui’s Hefei and Sichuan’s Pengzhou will further local industries manufacturing mechanical and electrical products.

Industries with high consumption of water along the river, including paper-making and food fermentation, will apply cleaner production technology to reduce water pollution. Local governments are being encouraged to help medium and small companies to lift standards to ensure cleaner production.

Plans to improve energy efficiency are being launched in cities along the Yangtze River that consume large amounts of coal. Measures will be taken to optimize product structure and upgrade technological equipment.

The comprehensive utilization of industrial waste materials such as phosphorusgypsum, coal ash and vinasse is also emphasized in the document. A batch of bases will be set up to realize the efficient utilization of these cleaner materials and to promote the development of this industry.

Cities with a high proportion of industries with huge growth potential will be selected as demonstration areas in launching green products and building green companies, industrial parks and supply chains.

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