Chinese tricycles captivate foreign markets and media

Updated: Jun 5, 2024 By ZHAO RUINAN and Shi Baoyin in Luoyang, Henan chinadaily.com.cn Print
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A blogger in the US recently purchased a Chinese-made electric tricycle for $600 as a Christmas gift for her father-in-law.

The Sangbengzi, a vehicle deeply rooted in Chinese culture and commonly seen in China's rural areas, attracted attention when adorned with holiday decorations and taken out on the road.

Its cultural significance and unique design make it a fascinating addition to any collection.

The three-wheelers are popular not only in the US, but also in Africa, Southeast Asia and many other regions.

The distinct warning sound of "reverse, please be careful..." has been heard on foreign streets, and content featuring these tricycles has surged on short video platforms.

They've also become a focal point in foreign trade. Industrial regions like Wuxi and Xuzhou in Jiangsu, Linyi in Shandong, and Luoyang in Henan have experienced a prosperous surge this year.

Yanshi district in Luoyang is renowned as China's hub for three-wheelers. One out of every three tricycles in China is made there, and all the required parts can be gathered to assemble a tricycle within 30 minutes.

Watch the video to see why these Sangbengzi tricycles from China are causing such a sensation in the international market.

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