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Shanghai Hongqiao One-stop Service Center for Overseas Talent unveils new location

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The Shanghai Hongqiao One-stop Service Center for Overseas Talent offers improved software and hardware to better serve the working, studying and living needs of overseas talent. [Photo/WeChat ID: shchangning]

Shanghai's Changning district witnessed the grand opening of an upgraded service center tailored to the needs of overseas talent with top-notch, efficient, and seamless services on April 16.

The newly inaugurated service center, officially known as the Shanghai Hongqiao One-stop Service Center for Overseas Talent, represents a significant improvement over its predecessor. Spanning an impressive area of more than 11,000 square meters, the center comprises a self-service area, a core functional area and a digital display area.

The unveiling ceremony held in Changning also saw the launch of the Shanghai Hongqiao Immigration Service Center, along with the issuance of the first batch of the updated version of permanent residence ID cards issued by the new center. Additionally, accreditation was granted to three newly added Changning District Overseas Student Talent Apartments, along with the official announcement of Changning's Comprehensive Service Package for Overseas Talent.

Attendees included local government officials and prominent leaders and representatives from enterprises and overseas talent communities.

In his address, Zhang Wei, Party chief of Shanghai's Changning district, emphasized Changning's strategic location in the core area of the Greater Hongqiao, with its influence extending to the Yangtze River Delta. He highlighted Changning's pivotal role in helping Shanghai to attract outstanding talent from both at home and abroad. Zhang also underscored Changning's unwavering commitment to modernizing services, catering to high-level demands, internationalization, and unconventional approaches in talent management.

The revamped center aims to provide overseas talent with a warm and enthusiastic service experience through superior, efficient, and attentive services. Furthermore, Changning pledges to continue creating a comfortable, secure, and stable environment for talent to live and thrive, addressing various needs related to residence, work, and lifestyle.

The event also marked the launch of the Shanghai Hongqiao Immigration Service Center, offering a special service area for immigration affairs tailored to providing policy consultations, applications, and replacements for foreigners seeking permanent residence ID cards.

To further optimize the talent development environment and alleviate the cost-of-living pressures on exceptional talent, Changning provides residential guarantees for talent. The event saw the accreditation of three newly added Changning District Overseas Student Talent Apartments, offering high-quality ready-to-move-in accommodation services for overseas talent.

Moreover, Changning officially unveiled the Comprehensive Service Package for Overseas Talent. This package focuses on various aspects of the settlement and career development of overseas talent in Shanghai, introducing the innovative concept of the "Seven Things for Overseas Talent" (including customs facilitation, residential guarantees, social security, notarization authentication, innovation and entrepreneurship, talent settlement, and integration into daily life).

In response to the practical needs of overseas talent, Changning also pioneered the city's first district-level international service portal webpage, enabling online registration for foreign nationals' accommodation and online applications for the Overseas Talent Apartments.

To enhance the service experience and satisfaction of overseas talent, Changning established the first "Ningjuli" Foreign-related Social Work Station in the city, providing language support, business guidance, policy clarification, and other services.

During the inauguration ceremony, the first batch of foreign social workers at the station were presented with their employment certificates. Additionally, Changning appointed two academicians as Overseas Talent Ambassadors for the district.

The brand-new Shanghai Hongqiao One-stop Service Center for Overseas Talent is situated in the core commercial district of Hongqiao Hub at 377 Songhong Road, EBA Investments Hongqiao Center T5 Building, which is easily accessible and enjoys direct access to the subway, mature commercial facilities, and comprehensive resources.

Seizing the opportunity presented by the new location, Changning has expanded its government service functions and achieved a comprehensive window for unified acceptance. Focusing on the service needs of overseas talent, the district has introduced specialized areas such as the Global Outstanding Talent Exclusive Service Zone, Overseas Talent Conference Hall, Yangtze River Delta Shared Space for Overseas Talents Service Institutions, High-level Talent and Key Enterprise Service Zone, Overseas Talent Multilingual Learning Center, and the Live Streaming Center.

Looking ahead, Changning will further deepen its efforts in attracting overseas talent and continue to foster a first-class international business environment in Shanghai. The goal is to make Shanghai the preferred city for global talent, with Changning serving as the premier destination for dream-chasing talent worldwide, contributing significantly to the ongoing development of Shanghai as a high-level talent hub.

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