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Exciting aviation exhibition in Changchun

Updated: May 1, 2024 By Zhao Yutong chinaservicesinfo.com Print
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Last summer vacation, my parents and I went to Changchun to watch an aviation exhibition.

As soon as we got off the train, we couldn't wait to head straight to the exhibition site. There were many cars on the crowded road. I heard that many people had queued up in the middle of the night.

With six signal flares soaring into the air, the long-awaited Changchun Air Show officially kicked off. The aircraft soared through the sky like eagles, their engines roaring in waves of sound, and spectators’ cheers and applause echoing one after another. Figures hovered and dove in the sky, presenting us with an unparalleled performance of splendor.

During the event, various performance teams, including parachuting, trainer aircraft teaching demonstrations, and combat aircraft performance demonstrations, were successively showcased. Multiple performance teams, such as the aerial eagles, circled and howled, showcasing their heroic prowess. The frames of the Y-20, J-20, and J-16, as seen in the pictures were truly presented to the audience. After each difficult performance was completed enthusiastic applause and cheers erupted on site, with the audience expressing their love for the air show in their own way. They cheered on, while aviation and aerospace enthusiasts exclaimed that it was truly a feast for the eyes.

By watching this aviation exhibition, I am filled with pride for the strength of my country and its advancement in technology. I am determined to work even harder and to contribute to the future prosperity of my nation.

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