China's border inspection targets cross-border crimes with vigor

Updated: Sep 8, 2023 By YANG ZEKUN chinadaily.com.cn Print
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The National Immigration Administration holds a news conference on Sept 8, 2023. [Photo/chinadaily.com.cn]

The border inspection departments have investigated and captured about 14,000 illegal inbound and outbound people and prevented 21,000 individuals involved in gambling and fraud crimes from leaving the country during the past two months, according to the National Immigration Administration.

The Ministry of Public Security launched a nationwide operation in late June. The NIA has actively focused on the new changes in the port and border areas and targeted cross-border crimes.

National border inspection agencies have conducted about 97 million inspections of inbound and outbound personnel, and nearly 5 million inspections of vehicles, ships and trains at ports during the period, according to NIA.

Li Tao, deputy director of the Border Inspection and Management Department of the NIA, said that the authorities have strengthened patrols and controls in key border areas, and the entry and exit management departments have strictly managed the issuance of entry and exit documents and intensified reviews and inspections.

"Severe measures have been taken to continuously combat cross-border gambling, online fraud and other illegal criminal activities. Individuals involved in gambling and fraud are not to be issued entry and exit documents according to the law," said Li.

Li noted that immigration authorities have focused on combating cross-border illegal crimes such as smuggling migrants, firearms and drug trafficking, as well as involvement in gambling and fraud abroad, and they have thoroughly investigated and cracked down on the behind-the-scenes culprits, transportation networks and criminal networks.

Over the past two months, the police have handled 9,150 cases hindering national border management and apprehended 16,000 criminal suspects, according to the NIA.

Efforts have been made to strengthen international law enforcement cooperation and pursue the leaders and core members of smuggling gangs hiding abroad. Through the channels of border law enforcement cooperation and the Interpol's notification system, 26 fugitives have been successfully apprehended from Southeast Asian countries, said Li.

Additionally, the authorities focused on the new situation of firearms and drugs infiltrating through port borders and stepped up efforts in handling these changes, he said.

A total of 392 firearms, 26,700 firearm components, about 1,190 kilograms of various types of drugs and 50 metric tons of drug production materials were seized during the past two months, effectively preventing such items from entering other cities, according to the NIA.

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