2023 SUFE Summer Program: Exploring Chinese language and culture

Updated: Aug 8, 2023 study.edu.sh.gov.cn Print
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Participants of the 2023 SUFE Summer Program showcase their Chinese paper-cutting works. [Photo/WeChat ID: SUFE-ICES]

The 2023 Summer Program held by Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SUFE) recently concluded.

The program featured a wide range of activities and events that allowed students to enhance their language skills and gain a deeper understanding of Chinese traditions.

One of the highlights of the program was the "Chinese Language Corner" exchange, during which students engaged in conversations with native speakers and improved their fluency of Mandarin.

Students were also exposed to different aspects of Chinese culture like traditional festivals paper-cutting through interactive classroom sessions.

Participants then got the chance to explore Jiangnan culture by visiting renowned landmarks such as ancient water towns and classical gardens.

The program also offered a unique opportunity for students to visit an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) base. This visit not only showcased China's cutting-edge technology but also gave participants insights into the growing importance of UAVs in various industries.

Students said the program provided an enriching and diverse experience that not only helped them improve their Chinese language skills but also deepened their understanding of Chinese culture.

Organizers said this program served as a stepping stone for students to further explore and appreciate the rich tapestry of Chinese culture as well as foster cross-cultural understanding and friendship between China and the international community.

Participants of the 2023 SUFE Summer Program go on a boat tour of a Chinese water town. [Photo/WeChat ID: SUFE-ICES]

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