Zhangye No.2 Middle School

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Zhangye No.2 Middle School was built in 1956 and confirmed as a provincial-level demonstration high school in August 2002. With an area of 73,334 square meters (110 mu) and a floor area of 31,357.9 square meters, the school has eight independent buildings and planted over 110 types of trees, flowers and grasses.

Zhangye No.2 Middle School has 304 staff workers, including nearly 300 teachers with first-class vocational ranks and above, two national model teachers, four honorees of Gansu Provincial Teachers award, 14 provincial-level leading teachers and 67 people with master's degrees. There are about 80 classes with 4,000 students in the school.

The Party committee of Zhangye No.2 Middle School consists of four branches, which are composed of 148 teachers, equivalent to 48.68 percent of the total number of faculty members in the school.


Twenty-nine students from Zhangye No.2 Middle School have been admitted by Peking University and Tsinghua University in its history. Since 2014, the school has sent 103 students to prestigious Chinese universities associated with the C9 League, 684 students to leading Chinese universities under the Project 985, and 919 students to key Chinese universities under the Project 211. During the past eight years, a total of 9,055 students have been enrolled for undergraduate programs. A rising number of students have won their opportunities to receive undergraduate education in key universities over the past few years. The admission ratio of its students to key universities reached 59.8 percent in 2021.

Since 2012, the number of teachers from Zhangye No.2 Middle School who have won first-class municipal-level awards and provincial-level titled and above has hit 28 and 18 respectively. Meanwhile, the school has obtained 42 provincial-level academic projects and passed through relevant appraisal.


Zhangye No.2 Middle School has leveraged its Minqin Guild Hall, a national-level cultural heritage site of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), to conduct the education of traditional Chinese culture. The school has been listed as a national demonstration school for traditional Chinese culture education in the third batch. In addition, it has been inscribed by local department of education as a leading campus.

Zhangye No.2 Middle School has held various interest activities to further enrich the extracurricular life of its students and promote their all-round development.

Zhangye No.2 Middle School has been recognized as Gansu Civilized Campus, National Communist Youth League Committee, National Special Experimental High School and National Civilization Unit over the past years. Meanwhile, it has been designated as the source of high-quality students by many prestigious universities and awarded by local government for its outstanding performance in education.

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