Shanghai Summer School Chinese Opera Program concludes

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The foreign participants of the 2023 Shanghai Summer School Chinese Opera Program receive a certificate of completion. [Photo/Shanghai Theatre Academy]

The 2023 Shanghai Summer School Chinese Opera Program and Belt and Road Art and Cultural Talent Training Program held by Shanghai Theatre Academy recently came to a close.

The program aimed to provide students from countries and regions involved in the Belt and Road Initiative with a deeper understanding of Chinese culture through the study of traditional ethnic music and traditional Chinese opera.

It featured a diverse range of content, including lessons on different opera forms, vocal training, and classical Chinese literature. The foreign students showed great interest in Chinese culture and enthusiastically participated in every aspect of the program, said the teachers.

In addition to the classes, the students also enjoyed various extracurricular activities and had the opportunity to witness spectacular opera performances. They were taken on tours to famous cultural landmarks in Shanghai, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in the beauty of China's landscape and appreciate the artistry of traditional Chinese opera.

The highlight of the program was the final showcase where the students demonstrated their newfound skills and talents in an impressive performance. The audience said they were captivated by the students' dedication and the high level of proficiency they achieved in such a short period. The resounding applause and standing ovation were a testament to the success of the program.

Organizers said that the overall success of the program showcased the influence of Chinese culture and the importance of preserving and promoting traditional Chinese art forms. It was a remarkable opportunity for the students to learn and appreciate the richness and depth of Chinese opera, as well as to foster cultural exchanges and friendships between the participating countries.

Looking ahead, the organizers said they hope to expand the influence of the program to welcome more international students. By doing so, they aim to further inherit and promote the excellent traditional culture of China, and contribute to the Belt and Road Initiative's goal of cultural collaboration and mutual understanding amongst nations.

The students showcase what they learned from the Chinese opera program. [Photo/Shanghai Theatre Academy]
The students enjoy a tour of Shanghai during the program. [Photo/Shanghai Theatre Academy]

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