Zunyi Conference Memorial Museum

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Zunyi Conference Memorial Museum

Address: Ziyin Road, Honghuagang district, Zunyi, Guizhou province
Website: www.zunyihy.cn (Cn)
Hours: 8:30 - 17:00
Open all year round
General admission: Free (passport required for entry)
Online ticket booking: https://yd.zunyihy.com/ticket.html


Located in Zunyi city, Guizhou province, the Zunyi Conference Memorial Museum opened to the public in October 1955. It was established to commemorate the Zunyi Conference (1935), which has great historical significance for the Communist Party of China (CPC).

The Zunyi Conference (January 15 to 17, 1935) was an extremely important expansion meeting of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee. The three-day session was held to reflect on the defeat of the Red Army in its fifth battle against the national army of the Republic of China and the poor military strategy that had crippled them in the early period of the Long March (1934-1936). In March 1961, the State Council designated the site of the Zunyi Conference as one of the foremost protected cultural heritage sites in the country. Three years later, in 1964, Chairman Mao Zedong inscribed the six-character title of the site, “Zunyi Conference Site” (zunyi huiyi huizhi),for the memorial museum.

The Zunyi Conference Memorial Museum consists of several sites related to this historical incident , including the Zunyi Conference site, the Headquarters of the General Political Bureau of the Red Army, the Meeting Venue for the Red Army Cadres, the site of the National Bank of the Chinese Soviet Republic, the site of the Zunyi garrison headquarters, the temporary residences of Mao Zedong, Zhang Wentian, Wang Jiaxiang, Bo Gu, Otto Braun (the Comintern agent sent to China), and Deng Xiaoping, agallery of historical items for the conference, and acemetery for Red Army martyrs.

The Zunyi Conference site was originally a private residence. A boat-shaped building extends between the main building and the inter-yard, which was originally a drying room where the house owner made sauces and dried and stored beans. During the conference, it served as the kitchen of the Headquarters of the General Political Bureau. The two-story residence is dated to the early 1930s. The conference took place in a spacious room (27 square meters) on the second floor, which still contains the original furnishings present when the meeting was held, including the rectangle wooden table surrounded by rattan chairs and the clock on the wall that timed the meeting of the top leaders of the Chinese Revolution.



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