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Service Guide on Issuance of Travel Permits for Foreigners

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I. Scope of Application

This service guide is applicable to foreigners applying for travel permits.

II. Legal Basis

Exit and Entry Administration Law of the People's Republic of China

III. Accepting Authority

The National Immigration Administration (NIA) has entrusted exit-entry administrations authorities of public security organs at and above the prefecture-level (including districts and counties under the administration of municipalities directly under the central government) to accept and handle foreigners' applications for travel permits.

With the approval of NIA at the request of exit-entry administration authorities of provincial public security organs, exit-entry administration authorities of public security organs at the county-level are authorized by NIA to accept and handle applications for travel permits.

IV. Application Conditions

Foreigner's travel permits with prescribed period may be issued to foreigners who apply to travel to places not open to foreigners and provide relevant identification documents as required in due course.

V. Application Materials

1. Individuals applying for a foreigner's travel permit shall submit evidentiary materials related to the reasons for staying in the destination area;

2. For tourist groups of foreigners who apply for travelling to places not open to foreigners, travel agencies shall submit reception plans to the exit-entry administration authority of the provincial-level public security organs in their location. Reception plans shall be submitted 60 days prior to arrival of the tourist groups, and the exit-entry administration authority shall verify whether tourist routes pass through regions where foreigners are prohibited from entry. No approval procedures are required for tourist routes clear of the prohibited regions, while approval procedures shall be observed for tourist routes passing through regions where foreigners are prohibited from entry and travel agencies shall submit reception plans, lists of relevant personnel, copies of valid passports and visas (or permanent resident ID cards) of the foreigners to apply for approval.

VI. Basic Process and Way of Application

1. Application

To apply for foreigners' travel permit, foreigners shall complete relevant procedures in person at the exit-entry administration authority of public security organs. Where the application meets relevant regulations, travel agencies may apply to the exit-entry administration authority of provincial public security organ under the local government on the behalf of the applicants.

2. Acceptance

Upon examination of applications for foreigners' travel permit, eligible applications shall be accepted, and a receipt of acceptance shall be issued, followed by a decision on issuance or not being made within the validity period of the receipt of acceptance. For applications with incomplete procedures and materials, the exit-entry administration authority of public security organs shall inform the applicant of the formalities to be completed and the materials to be supplemented at one time.

3. Review and Verification

The exit-entry administration authority of public security organs shall verify the authenticity of the application reasons through interviews, telephone inquiries, field investigation and other means, and confirm the applicant is of foreign nationality. Where an applicant or relevant entity/individual is notified to take an interview but fails to do that at the agreed time without justifiable reasons, the application may be denied by law.

4. Decision

For applications eligible for the conditions and criteria, the decision-making authority shall decide to issue travel permits for foreigners.

VII. Time Limit for Issuance

A decision shall be made within 30 working days from the date of acceptance.

VIII. Charging Basis and Standards

1. Basis for Charges

Notice on Adjusting the Fees for Visas and Documents of Foreigners (Gong Tong Zi [1996] No. 89) of the Ministry of Public Security

2. Charging Standards

Travel permit for foreigners: CNY 50

IX. Results Delivery

Approved and issued travel permits for foreigners shall be collected by the applicants in person at the relevant exit-entry administration authority of public security organs with the acceptance receipt.

X. Rights and obligations of administrative counterpart

1. Applicants are entitled to the following rights according to relevant laws and regulations:

a. Those who meet the legal conditions and criteria are entitled to equal rights to obtain an administrative license;

b. They shall have the right to make statements and defend against implementation of the administrative license by an administrative authority;

c. Other rights stipulated by laws and regulations.

2. Applicants shall perform the following obligations in accordance with relevant laws and regulations:

a. Applicants shall submit relevant materials and reflect the reality truthfully to the administrative authority, and shall be held responsible for authenticity of substantive content of the application materials;

b. Applicants shall cooperate with administrative authorities to verify authenticity of the application materials through interviews, telephone inquiries, field investigations and so on;

c. Other obligations stipulated by laws and regulations.

XI. Flowchart for issuance of travel permits for foreigners

Notice: The English version is only for reference. To learn more, please refer to the authoritative Chinese version.

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