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Notification on COVID-19 vaccination for expats in Liaoning

Updated: May 14, 2021 Liaoning Foreign Affairs Office Print
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According to the unified arrangement of the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council, Liaoning province has launched a comprehensive COVID-19 vaccination campaign for expatriates in Liaoning. On the premise of voluntary application, informed consent and self-assumption of risks, expatriates of the appropriate age in Liaoning are included in the COVID-19 vaccination population of Liaoning province.

1. Age requirement

’The current age requirement for expatriates in Liaoning to receive COVID-19 vaccine is 18 years old and above.

2. Vaccine type

Currently, Liaoning uses a whole virus inactivated vaccine produced in China, which requires 2 doses.

3. Appointment for vaccination

Expatriates who wish to be vaccinated are advised to pay attention to the notification of their institutions and communities and to make appointments in an orderly manner. In principle, expatriates working in Liaoning can make appointments at their institutions, foreign teachers and students at universities can make appointments at their schools, and other expatriates in Liaoning can make appointments at their local communities or via “Liaoshitong” App. Once the appointment is made, each county (city or district) will arrange for expatriates in Liaoning to be vaccinated at the nearest designated location, taking into account the actual local situation.

4. Documents required

Valid documents must be provided at the time of registration. At the vaccination site, you must present your passport and valid residence permit to ensure that the relevant documents are still valid as of the date of the second dose.

5. Documents to be signed

Before vaccination, you need to sign an informed consent form with good personal protection, and inform your health condition. The professional will determine whether you are suitable for vaccination.

6. Cost of vaccination

Expatriates who are covered by social security medical insurance in Liaoning province and the municipalities under its jurisdiction can receive the vaccination free of charge upon presentation of their own medical insurance certificates on site. Expatriates who are not covered by social security medical insurance in Liaoning province and municipalities under its jurisdiction and who wish to receive the vaccination are required to pay for the vaccination at their own cost, which is currently 100 yuan per dose.

7. Precautions

After vaccination, you should stay at the vaccination site for 30 minutes for observation and leave the site only after there are no uncomfortable symptoms. On the day of vaccination, the injection area should be kept dry and clean. In case of persistent fever, seek medical attention and report to the vaccination site.

8. Certificate of vaccination

After completing the full dose of vaccination, the vaccination site will provide the vaccinator with a certificate of vaccination.

9. Personal protection

Although vaccination can produce immunity and effectively reduce the risk of infection, it is possible that some people may not produce enough antibodies after vaccination and may still be at risk of infection if they have not established an immune barrier. Expatriates are advised to maintain good hygiene practices such as wearing a mask, washing hands regularly and keeping a social distance even after vaccination.

10. More notes

Proof of vaccination is not a substitute for a nucleic acid test report. Expatriates are requested to cooperate with the relevant authorities for nucleic acid testing if necessary.

Office of Liaoning Provincial Headquarters for Coordinating and Promoting COVID-19 Epidemic Prevention & Control and Economic & Social Development

                                                     April 25, 2021

Appendix 1:

Phone numbers

Foreign Affairs Office of Liaoning Provincial People's Government: 024-86892235

Shenyang: 024-86861225 024-22725472

Dalian: 12345

Anshan: 0412-5534908

Fushun: 57500577

Benxi: 42858468

Dandong: 0415-2173213

Jinzhou: 0416- 3870050 0416- 3872043

Yingkou: 0417-2998411

Fuxin: 0418- -2265261

Liaoyang: 0419-2125705

Tieling: 74230306

Chaoyang: 0421-2858052

Panjin: 0427-3275566

Huludao: 0429-3320182


Appendix 2:

Informed Consent Form for COVID-19 Vaccine

COVID-19 is a new acute respiratory infectious disease with clinical manifestations of fever, dry cough, and hypodynamia. Nasal obstruction, runny nose, sore throat, conjunctivitis, myalgia, and diarrhea may occur in a small number of patients. With the spread of the pandemic, it poses a serious threat to the public health worldwide. According to the current needs of prevention and control of COVID-19, COVID-19 vaccination is carried out for the age-appropriate population.

【Vaccine type】Inactivated COVID-19 vaccine.

【Actions】 Vaccination can stimulate the body to develop immunity against the COVID-19 virus and be used to prevent diseases caused by the COVID-19 virus.

【Adverse reactions】 After vaccination, local adverse reactions mainly include pain at the inoculation site, local itching, swelling, induration and redness, etc. Systemic adverse reactions are characterized by fatigue and hypodynamia, and also include fever, muscle pain, headache, cough, diarrhea, nausea, anorexia and allergy, etc.

【Contraindications to vaccination】Please read instructions for contraindications to vaccination. Usually, contraindications to vaccination include: (1) those who are allergic to vaccine or vaccine components; (2) those who are suffering from acute diseases; (3) those who are in the acute bout of chronic diseases; (4) those who are feverish; (5) women during pregnancy.

【Precautions】 Stay for 30 minutes after vaccination: If you develop discomfortable symptoms after vaccination, see the doctor promptly and report to the vaccination site. As with other vaccines, the injection of COVID-19 vaccine may not provide 100 percent protection for all vaccinees, and the above can be found in the vaccine instructions.

【Compensation for abnormal reactions】 After medical investigation and diagnosis or identification, if the conclusion is that the reaction is abnormal or cannot be eliminated, compensation will be made according to the relevant regulations.

In order to ensure safe and effective vaccination, medical staff will ask for the following health information and make medical recommendations.

Medical advice: You can have COVID-19 vaccine inoculated this time.


Other conditions specified:


Medical staff:                            Date:

I have understood the above information and promise to provide truthful information about my health status and whether there are contraindications to the injection of COVID-19 vaccine.

I have accepted the health inquiry and agree to the medical advice.


Relationship between the guardian and the vaccinee: 〇Mother 〇Father 〇Other (please specify)


Vaccinee/Guardian:            Date:        (YYYY-MM-DD)

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