Museum of Jiangsu Normal University

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Museum of Jiangsu Normal University

Address: 101 Shanghai Road, Tongshan district, Xuzhou, Jiangsu province
Email: bwg@jsnu.edu.cn

Gallery interior displaying pictorial bricks and ink rubbings. [Photo/bwg.jsnu.edu.cn]

Located in Xuzhou, a famous historical and cultural city in China, the Museum of Jiangsu Normal University grew out of the Museum of Xuzhou Normal University, which was reorganized on Sept 2, 2003 by combining the cultural relics exhibition room of the Department of History launched in 1979, the animal and plant herbarium of the Biology Department set up in 1982 and the mineral specimen room of a coal school for cadres established in 1955. In November 2011, the museum got its current name.

As a subordinate department of the university, the museum is responsible for the collection and management of cultural relics and specimens. It undertakes student internships, campus cultural activities and the university’s foreign exchanges. The museum has a floor space of 1,786 square meters and exhibition halls displaying historical relics, animal, plant and mineral specimens, stone reliefs from the Han Dynasty (202 BC-AD 220) and ancient bronzeware. The highlights of its collection include a bronze spear dating back to the Warring States Period (475-221 BC), a bronze tripod, an axe-shaped iron spade from the Western Han Dynasty (202 BC-AD 8) and several stone reliefs from the Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220).


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