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Guideline issued on legal protections for economy

Updated: Jul 23, 2020 chinadaily.com.cn Print
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The Supreme People's Court and the National Development and Reform Commission jointly issued a guideline on improving the socialist market economy in a new era on July 22, in a bid to offer stronger legal protection for sustainable development.

The guideline, with 31 articles, focuses on seven areas, including property protection, market order, fair trade and livelihood guarantee, according to He Xiaorong, a member of the judicial committee with China's top court.

"Under the guideline, we'll try more efforts to solve problems where properties of private enterprises are illegally seized, sealed up or frozen, as well as effectively prevent wrongful rulings involving private entrepreneurs and improve our regular system of correcting judicial misconduct," he said.

To highlight the protection on properties, he noted some new types of properties, such as virtual properties and digital currencies, would be safeguarded.

Considering the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, he said the guideline also demands courts nationwide to continue legal support for the resumption of enterprises and economic development.

"Chinese courts will strengthen efforts in hearing disputes related to quality of products, tourist consumption, education and telecommunication services to give stronger protection for consumers and vulnerable people," he said.

In recent years, the rapid development of China's sharing economy has seen a growing number of people opting to offer services on a casual basis for companies that operate via online apps, providing designated drivers, cleaners, couriers and food delivery to homes and offices.

"We've paid attention to those engaged in this sector and their legitimate rights will also be protected in line with the guideline," He added.

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