East China's Zhejiang province

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Population: 57,370,000 (2018)

Area: 105,500 square kilometers

Location: southern part of Yangtze River Delta of the southeast coast of China   


Historically, Zhejiang has given top priority to agriculture, and has been an economically developed province based on industry with featured regional massive economics, since its reform and opening-up.

Zhejiang province in East China reported economic growth of 7.1 percent year on year in 2018, 0.5 percentage point higher than the national average.

GDP reached 5.62 trillion yuan ($817.83 billion), ranking fourth in GDP among the 30-plus provincial areas in China, according to the provincial statistics bureau.

The province saw export and import volumes of 2.85 trillion yuan, up 11.4 percent from last year. Zhejiang's exports accounted for 12.9 percent of national total.

Exports and imports related to Belt and Road countries and regions rose 12.3 percent year on year.

Located in the T-shaped joint of Yangtze River Economic Zone and eastern coastal economic belt, Zhejiang has formed a good port structure - the principal Ningbo-Zhoushan Port (including Jiaxing Port) and the subsidiary Wenzhou Port and Taizhou Port.

Administrative divisions   

Zhejiang province governs 11 cities - Hangzhou, Ningbo, Wenzhou, Huzhou, Jiaxing, Shaoxing, Jinhua, Quanzhou, Taizhou, Lishui and Zhoushan, 34 counties - Tonglu county, Chun’an county, Ninghai county, Xiangshan county, Dongtou county, Yongjia county, Pingyang county, Cangnan county, Wencheng county, Taishun county, Deqing county, Changxing county, Anji county, Jiashan county, Haiyan county, Xinchang county, Pujiang county, Wuyi county, Pan’an county, Longyou county, Changshan county, Kaihua county, Yuhuan county, Tiantai county, Xianju county, Sanmen county, Qingtian county, Yunhe county, Qingyuan county, Jinyun county, Suichang county, Songyang county, Jiangning She ethnic Autonomous County and Shengsi county, and 36 urban districts - Shangcheng district, Xiacheng district, Jianggan district, Gongshu district, Xihu district, Xiaoshan district, Yuhang district, Fuyang district, Binjiang district, Haishu district, Jiangbei district, Zhenhai district, Beilun district, Yinzhou district, Fenghua district, Lucheng district, Longwan district, Ouhai district, Wuxing district, Nanxun district, Nanhu district, Xiuzhou district, Yuecheng district, Keqiao district, Shangyu district, Wucheng district, Jindong district, Kecheng district, Qujiang district, Jiaojiang district, Huangyan district, Luqiao district, Liandu district, Dinghai district, Putuo district, Daishan district, 20 county-level cities - Jiande city, Lin’an city, Yuyao city, Cixi city, Fenghua city, Rui’an city, Yueqing city, Pinghu city, Haining city, Tongxiang city, Zhuji city, Shengzhou city, Lanxi city, Dongyang city, Yiwu city, Yongkang city, Jiangshan city, Longquan city, Linhai city, Wenling city.


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