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20 self-driving routes to explore Inner Mongolia

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6. Follow the traces of nomads
Route: Ningxia Hui autonomous region, Wuhai, Golden Sand Bay, Genghis Khan Mausoleum in Ordos
Highlights: appreciate the oldest art in Wuhai; taste authentic Mongolian food in a yurt; experience various entertainment events at Golden Sand Bay ecological tourism zone

Wuhai Lake [Photo from WeChat account of weiordos]

7. Travel to the desert hinterland
Route: Ningxia Hui autonomous region, Moon Lake in Alshaan left banner, Tengger Desert and Tonghu Grassland
Highlights: appreciate the beauty of a grassland desert, Gobi and raw lake; visit distinctive desert lake basin; enjoy Mongolian food and landscape in Tonghu Grassland

8. Visit holy places
Route: Liaoning province, Horqin left wing rear banner, Daqinggou, Tongliao, Filial Piety Manor, Baogutu Desert
Highlights: be completely exposed to nature in Daqinggou; explore the birthplace of Empress Dowager Xiaozhuang; enjoy a desert cross-country trip and stay in a container hotel in Baogutu Desert

9. Travel along century-old Middle East Railway
Route: Heilongjiang, Zhalantun, Yakeshi, Hailar, Manzhouli
Highlights: explore the history of century-old Middle East Railway suspension bridge in Zhalantun; learn about the history and culture of ethnic minorities of Inner Mongolia at Hulunbuir Museum of Nationalities; appreciate Moregler River; view Russian landscapes from Manzhouli National Gate

Matryoshka Square in Manzhouli [Photo from WeChat account of weiordos]

10. See the forest steppe
Route: Jilin, Ulan Hot, A'ershan, A'ershan National Forest Park
Highlights: visit May 1 Conference Site at Ulan Hot, learn about how grassland people struggled for national liberation; enjoy a hot spring in Aershan; taste sweet spring water and view spectacular landscapes at Rose Peak

A'ershan National Forest Park [Photo from WeChat account of weiordos]
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