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A 6-day relaxing discovery of Chengdu

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Bars to try:
Nightlife spots can be found almost everywhere in this prosperous metropolis, but here are some Chengdu recommendations for you.
1. Music House
You can enjoy plenty of live Chinese and international music at the Music House bar and club. Every night you can watch a different live act here and the bar is open almost every day. Some famous bands and singers perform here, including the French post-rock band Microfilm and Chinese talent Luo Dayou. A few local celebrities will also sometimes join the crowd, making this bar the best people-watching spot.

Music House, 15 Yulin South Road, Chengdu, China, +84 28 6130 1188

2. The Beer Nest
You can sample a variety of craft and imported beers in the Beer Nest. The bar serves delicious snacks as well as Belgian-style fries, burgers, and ale and beef stew. Guests can even request a small children's menu. Special dishes such as whole roasted chicken and mussels can be ordered in advance. The Beer Nest has frequent promotions, like white wine (Wednesday) and moules frites and Belgian beer (Saturday).

The Beer Nest, 48 Master Commercial Street, Renmin South Road Section 4, Chengdu, +86 137 3087 1837

3. Bookworm
Musical and literary events are often held in this bar. It encompasses a bookstore, library, restaurant and bar. A decent wine list and snacks menus are provided. This is the spot to encounter Chengdu's intellectuals and artists, or you can just relax and enjoy some live jazz.

The Bookworm, 2-7 Yujie East Road, Chengdu, +86 28 8552 0177

4. Little Bar
This is the venue for Chengdu's rock music scene. Chinese hardcore band Noise Gate and a British metal group give performances worth waiting for. The entrance fee is between 30 to 100 yuan.

Little Bar, 87 Fangqin Street, Chengdu, +86 28 8556 8552

5. Jing Jie Bar
This bar is one of Chengdu's nightlife hubs. Guests coming here immerse themselves in a relaxed atmosphere with wonderful live music. Jing Jie has been a top place for local people to relax and have fun with Chinese drinking games since its opening over a decade ago.

Jing Jie Bar, Jiuyanqiao, Junping Street, Chengdu

Food tips:
Of the eight major schools of China's culinary arts, Sichuan cuisine is perhaps the most popular. Originating in Sichuan Province in western China, Sichuan cuisine, known as Chuan Cai in Chinese, enjoys an international reputation for being spicy and flavorful. Yet the highly distinctive pungency is not its only characteristic. In fact, Sichuan cuisine boasts a variety of flavors and different methods of cooking, featuring the tastes of hot, sweet, sour, salty and tongue-numbing.

The number of Sichuan dishes surpasses 5,000. Dishes typical of Sichuan are twice cooked pork, spicy diced chicken with peanuts, dry-fried shark fin and fish-flavored shredded pork. In addition, hot pot is also a good choice if you like spicy food.

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