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A six-day exploration of Wuhan in Hubei province

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Food Recommendations
Wuhan is a paradise for snack food lovers. Even after a month in the city, one would still be able to find new things to try every day. Local snack foods you must try include hot and dry noodles, bean pies, egg and rice wine, lotus root soup with pork ribs, and duck neck.

Among all the snack foods, trying breakfast snacks is the best way to experience local life. Having breakfast, or guo zao in the local dialect, has developed into its own local culture.

Hot and Dry Noodles

Hot and dry noodles [Photo/IC]

The hot and dry noodles dish is considered to be the top snack food in Wuhan, although if you find them too dry you can always ask for soup to be added.

Visitors can find the dish everywhere in Wuhan. Cailingji (蔡林记), a local chain restaurant, is particularly recommended.

Bean Pies

Bean pies [Photo/IC]

Bean pies are a kind of typical breakfast food in Wuhan, fried with ingredients such as egg, meat, glutinous rice, mushrooms and shallots. The bean pies sold in Laotongcheng (老通城) are really popular among local residents.

Wuhan Duck Neck

A plate of duck necks [Photo/IC]

Duck neck is a famous delicacy which combines Sichuan-style chili with duck. The snack food with some ice-cold beer is a perfect combination for football fans watching late night games.

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Last Updated: Oct 15, 2019

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