Sino-ASEAN cooperation

Promote upgrading of economic and trade cooperation

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Editor's Note: According to the development planning of the Beibu Gulf urban cluster released by the State Council in February 2017, the region is expected to be deeply involved in China-ASEAN cooperation.

The China (Guangxi) - ASEAN New Variety of Vegetables Expo [Photo/IC]

General trade, service trade, and processing trade are expected to increase between the Beibu Gulf urban cluster and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) member countries. New types of trade are also encouraged, according to the planning.

The new mode of "Two Countries, One Inspection" in customs clearance is expected to be popularized. Cooperation and exchanges in entry and exit quarantine and inspection will be strengthened, with the aim to improve customs clearance efficiency.

China will expand the import of agricultural, forestry, and other characteristic products of members of ASEAN. It will also promote the export of electromechanical machinery, steel, building materials, electronic information, as well as aquatic and marine products of the Beibu Gulf area.

According to the planning, the area should take an active part in international production capacity cooperation, and cultivate international staple commodities markets for rubber and forestry products in accordance with the law, with the aim of setting up a key import and export base for China and ASEAN countries.

The export processing industry will be boosted in the area by taking advantage of characteristic resources from home and abroad. A number of export processing bases and a cross-border industrial chain, value chain, and logistics supply chain will be built.

At the same time, it will introduce several regional corporate headquarters, international cooperative organizations, and international intermediary service agencies to create an economic and trade service base for ASEAN.

Note: This is a courtesy interpretation of part of the Beibu Gulf Urban Agglomeration Development Planning. In cases of discrepancies, the Chinese text prevails.

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