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A 6-day adventure in South China's Guangdong province

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Day 2: Zhaoqing

You can get to Zhaoqing in half an hour by taking the high-speed railway from Guangzhou South Station. Here you can enjoy the beauty and magic of nature. Seven Star Cave and Dinghu Mountain are the right places for relaxing.

The tranquil Seven Star Cave Scenic Spot [Photo/xhglj.com.cn]

Known as the first wonder of Lingnan, the Seven Star Cave Scenic Spot covers 8.23 square kilometers. It is named after the seven limestone peaks arranged in the shape of the Big Dipper. The peak landscape, the cave, the lake, the inscription and the temple are the main landmarks.

If you like climbing, you can climb Tianzhuyan or Shishiyan and see the entire lake from the top down. If you are interested in caves, you can go to the stone chamber cave, which has a lot of stalactites and stone pillars. The rock carvings in the scenic area are the most concentrated rock carvings in Lingnan, and you can see the fonts of various dynasties of ancient China.

Dinghu Mountain [Photo/people.com.cn]

A direct bus will take you to Dinghu Mountain, the first of the four famous mountains in the Lingnan area. It is a natural oxygen bar with waterfalls, primeval forests and subtropical plants. The Dinghu Mountain National Nature Reserve was the first nature reserve in China. Based on long-term natural protection, the reserve has a great environment with thick forests, fresh water and high negative ion content, so it is a good place for people to rest.

Dinghu Mountain is also a famous Buddhist shrine. There are many well-known ancient temples such as Baiyun Temple and Qingyun Temple that were established in the Tang Dynasty (618-917 AD). People go there to pray for blessings on holidays or festivals.

Tips: The two scenic spots above all provide visitors with traditional Cantonese food.

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Last Updated: May 13, 2019

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