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Legal aid centers in Anhui province

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Anqing Municipal Legal Aid Center
Address: No 30, Linghu Beilu Road, Anqing
Tel: 86(0556)5701529

Tongcheng Municipal Legal Aid Center
Address: No 185, Longmian Donglu Road, Tongcheng
Tel: 86(0556)6122148

Legal Aid Center of Yingjiang District
Address: No 90, Dananmen Street, Anqing
Tel: 86(0556)5033278

Legal Aid Center of Daguan District
Address: Huangguan Road, Anqing
Tel: 86(0556)5220792

Legal Aid Center of Yixiu District
Address: Bamao Lane, Daqiao Street, Anqing
Tel: 86(0556)5939148

Legal Aid Center of Yuhui District
Address: Wuwan Road, Yuhui District, Bengbu
Tel: 86(0552)4033126

Legal Aid Center of Bengbushan District
Address: Donghai Road, Yuhui District, Bengbu
Tel: 86(0552)3155148

Bengbu Municipal Legal Aid Center
Address: No 170-172, Chaoyang Nanlu Road, Bengshan District, Bengbu
Tel: 86(0552)2073122

Legal Aid Center of Huaishang District
Address: Huaishang Government, Huaishang District, Bengbu
Tel: 86(0552)2829148

Legal Aid Center of Longzihu District
Address: No 706, Zhihuai Road, Longzihu District, Bengbu
Tel: 86(0552)3040256

Chuzhou Municipal Legal Aid Center
Address: Nanqiao Nanlu Road, Chuzhou
Tel: 86(0550)3044310

Tianchang Municipal Legal Aid Center
Address: No 106, Jianshe Xilu Road, Tianchang
Tel: 86(0550)7044625

Mingguang Municipal Legal Aid Center
Address: No 70, Guangchang Road, Mingguang
Tel: 86(0550)8028148

Legal Aid Center of Nanqiao District
Address: Nanqiao District, Chezhou
Tel: 86(0550)3064148

Legal Aid Center of Langya District
Address: No 717, Fengle Road, Chuzhou
Tel: 86(0550)3064748

Hefei Municipal Legal Aid Center
Address: No 111, Yanhe Road, Luyang District, Hefei
Tel: 86(0551)65626221

Legal Aid Center of Baohe District
Address: No 118, Baohe Road, Baohe District, Hefei
Tel: 86(0551)63357148

Legal Aid Center of Shushan District
Address: No 63, Feixi Road, Hefei
Tel: 86(0551)65118148

Legal Aid Center of Luyang District
Address: No 2199, Dangshan Road, Luyang District, Hefei
Tel: 86(0551)65699148

Legal Aid Center of Yaohai District
Address: No 1. Mingguang Road, Hefei
Tel: 86(0551)64498148

Huangshan Municipal Legal Aid Center
Address: Building No 18, Xincheng Baiheyuan Community, Huangshan
Tel: 86(0559)2355281

Legal Aid Center of Huizhou District
Address: No 145, Longjing Road, Yansi County, Huizhou District, Huangshan
Tel: 86(0559)3586679

Legal Aid Center of Huangshan District
Address: No 18, Taoyuan Road, Huangshan District, Huangshan
Tel: 86(0559)8500177

Legal Aid Center of Tunxi District
Address: No 24, Huizhou Road, Tunxi District, Huangshan
Tel: 86(0559)2528051

Huaibei Municipal Legal Aid Center
Address: No 136, Huaihai Road, Huaibei
Tel: 86(0561)3020931

Legal Aid Center of Lieshan District
Address: Lieshan County, Lieshan District, Huaibei
Tel: 86(0561)4085548

Legal Aid Center of Duji District
Address: Duji District, Huaibei
Tel: 86(0561)4336198

Legal Aid Center of Xiangshan District
Address: Nanhu Road, Huaibei
Tel: 86(0561)3066148

Huainan Municipal Legal Aid Center
Address: No 48, Dongshan Zhonglu Road, Tianjia’an District, Huainan
Tel: 86(0554)2795055

Legal Aid Center of Panji District
Address: Minsheng Building, Administrative New Area, Panji District, Huainan
Tel: 86(0554)4978148

Legal Aid Center of Bagongshan District
Address: Bureau of Justice of Bagongshan District, Huaifeng Road, Bagongshan District, Huainan
Tel: 86(0554)2795295

Legal Aid Center of Tianjia’an District
Address: Longhu Beilu Road, Tianjia’an District, Huainan
Tel: 86(0554)2191148

Legal Aid Center of Xiejiaji District
Address: Pingshan Road, Xiejieji District, Huainan
Tel: 86(0554)5719148

Legal Aid Center of Maoji Experimental District
Address: Maoji Economic Development Zone, Huainan
Tel: 86(0554)8272256

Legal Aid Center of Datong District
Address: Minzhu Road, Huainan
Tel: 86(0554)2517148

Ma’anshan Municipal Legal Aid Center
Address: No 2009, Yinshan Donglu Road, Ma’anshan
Tel: 86(0555)12348

Legal Aid Center of Bowang District
Address: No 111-112, Rongbo Jiayuan Community, Yongxin Road, Bowang County, Bowang District, Ma’anshan
Tel: 86(0555)6770148

Legal Aid Center of Yushan District
Address: Qinglian Road, Ma’anshan
Tel: 86(0555)2327235

Legal Aid Center of Huashan District
Address: Building No 18, Huayuan New Village, Huashan District, Ma’anshan
Tel: 86(0555)2400148

Tongling Municipal Legal Aid Center
Address: No 308, Shicheng Road, Tongguan District, Tongling
Tel: 86(0562)5818750

Legal Aid Center of Yi’an District
Address: No 119, Renmin Road, Yi’an District, Tongling
Tel: 86(0562)8810148

Legal Aid Center of Tongguan District
Address: No 666, Wumushan Road, Tongguan District, Tongling
Tel: 86(0562)6828148

Legal Aid Center of Yijiang District
Address: No 12, Huajin Nanlu Road, Yijiang District, Hefei
Tel: 86(0553)4830148
Legal Aid Center of Jiujiang District
Address: No 789, Jiuhua Beilu Road, Jiujiang District, Hefei
Tel: 86(0553)5850248

Legal Aid Center of Sanshan District
Address: No 1, Longhu Road, Sanshan District, Hefei
Tel: 86(0553)3918148

Legal Aid Center of Jinghu District
Address: Yijiang Zhonglu Road, Jinghu District, Hefei
Tel: 86(0553)2711148

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