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Things you need to know about industries in Yangtze River Delta

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According to the latest planning approved by the State Council in June 2016, the Yangtze River Delta will push for innovations in its leading industrial chains to meet the needs of industrial transformation and upgrading.

Specifically, it will focus on the cluster development of industries and innovation in key links of industrial chains in sectors including electronic information, equipment manufacturing, steel manufacturing, automobiles, and textile and garments. Traditional industries will see renovation and improvement, and modern service industries, including economy, trade, logistics and the cultural creative industry, will be further developed.

Moreover, the Yangtze River Delta will devote efforts in innovation in the technology, management and business modes to elevate the core competitiveness of leading industries.

Innovation orientations of leading industries

Electronic information
Making breakthroughs in core techniques such as software and integrated circuits and increasing the self-sufficiency rate of core equipment

Equipment manufacturing
Focusing on key techniques of large professional equipment and processing equipment and improving the regional supporting cooperation level

Steel manufacturing
Elevating the overall technical application capability of major processes and the self-sufficiency of equipment in key processes, promoting the production capability and proportion of high-end steel products, along with trans-regional and cross-industry mergers and reorganization

Petrochemical industry
Making innovative manufacturing of high-end productions, developing fine chemicals and new organic chemical materials and promoting advanced clean manufacturing technologies

Automobile industry
Improving the development of internal combustion engine technology; promoting the industrialization of advanced transmission and key components; the application of new energy automobiles will gain momentum and the manufacturing costs will be controlled

Textiles and garments
Priority will be put on the development of high-tech products such as high-end and function-oriented products and differential fibers, applying creative design, electronic business and personalized customization modes to promote fashion development and brand construction.

Modern finance
Promoting innovation in business forms, productions and models, expanding areas such as shipping finance, consumer finance, low-carbon finance, technology finance and finance leasing, along with the development of new business models such as internet finance.

Modern logistics
Propelling the application of information technologies such as the internet of things, big data and cloud computing and making innovations in supply chain management and developing new business forms such as third-party logistics and joint distribution

Commerce and trade
Integrating online and offline trade, promoting the development of new business forms such as cross-border electronic trade.

Cultural creative industry
Focusing on the development of cultural creative design, digital content and cultural creative services for distinctive industries, actively developing technologies for cultural heritage conservation, boosting their inheritance and promotion, and carrying forward the integrated development in culture with other fields such as the internet, technologies and the economy

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