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Jinggang Mountain, Jinggangshan

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Jinggang Mountain, Jinggangshan

(井冈山风景旅游区 jǐng gāng shān fēng jǐng lyǔ yóu qū)

Jinggang Mountain Scenic Area [Photo/jgstour.com]

Located in the southwest of Jiangxi province, Jinggang Mountain Scenic Area was part of the first batch of national key scenic spots announced by the State Council in 1982. It has more than 60 scenic spots and more than 320 landscapes, which are divided into eight categories: mountains, rocks, waterfalls, meteorology, caves, hot springs, rare animals and plants, and idyllic mountain scenery.

Jinggang Mountain preserves the largest subtropical evergreen broad-leaved forests in the world. It also preserves the most diverse conifer forests in southern China. An amazing total of 4,252 species of higher plants are recorded, particularly rich in conifers, ancient species and living fossils. A total of 214 species of rare and endangered plants are protected here.

Covering an area of 261.43 square kilometers, Jinggang Mountain Scenic area is divided into 11 attractions, including Ciping, Longtan, Huangyangjie, Five-Fingers (Wuzhi) Mountain Peak, Dujuan Mountain, Tongmu Ridge, Xiangzhou, Xiankou, Maoping, Longshi, Geeling.

Jinggang Mountain is famous for the fact that it was where forces led by Zhu De joined those headed by Mao Zedong. Together, the combined forces of the Chinese Communist Party marched on to a victory, establishing the new China under the Chairmanship of Mao Zedong. The mountain with its special features is quite different from other sights, which makes a visit so rewarding.

Jinggang Mountain Scenic Area has many cultural landscapes with its profound historical background of the revolution. It preserves more than 100 old revolutionary sites during the Jinggangshan’s struggle period, of which 26 were listed as key cultural relic protection units in the country.

The mountain holds an indispensable place in Chinese revolutionary history and offers a good insight into the history of the Chinese revolution. However, this is not only a red tourist spot but also an area of natural beauty that offers visitors plenty of scope for relaxation.

Jinggang Mountain Scenic Area [Photo/jgstour.com]
Old revolutionary site in the Jinggang Mountain Scenic Area [Photo/jgstour.com]

Scenic spot level: AAAAA

Ideal sightseeing season: All year round

Opening hours: 8:00- 17:00

Ticket: 190 yuan ($27.60)

Address: Ciping Town, Jinggangshan City, Ji’an, Jiangxi Province

Website: www.jgstour.com (Chinese)


1.Wear comfortable clothes when climbing the mountain.
2.Buy travel insurance.

Last Updated: Dec 19, 2018

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