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China’s judicial administration

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The Ministry of Justice (MOJ) is a department under the State Council and is in charge of the national judicial administration work.

According to theNotice of the General Office of the State Council on Issuing the Provisions on the Main Functions,Internal Bodies and Staffing of the Ministry of Justice(No.64 [2008] by the General Office of the State Council), the MOJ assumes the following duties:

1. Working out judicial administration guidelines and policies, drafting relevant laws and regulations, formulating rules of the MOJ, and working out and implementing the judicial administration development plans.

2. Managing prisons in China and undertaking corresponding responsibilities, and supervising and administering the enforcement of criminal punishments and criminal rehabilitation.

3. Guiding and supervising the administration of drug rehabilitation centers in the judicial administration system.

4. Working out plans for popularizing the basic knowledge of law among the general public and organizing the implementation of such plans; guiding all regions and industries in legal publicity, administration by law and the publicity of Chinese legal system to foreign countries.

5. Guiding and supervising lawyer-related issues, notarization issues and undertaking corresponding responsibilities; and taking charge of the entrustment of lawyers from Hong Kong and Macao as notaries.

6. Supervising and administering the legal aid work of the whole nation.

7. Guiding and supervising the building of local judicial offices, people's mediation, community correction, local legal services, and the assistance, education and settlement of released persons.

8. Organizing and implementing the National Judicial Examination.

9. Taking charging of the registration and administration of judicial authenticators and judicial authentication institutions.

10. Participating in the drafting and negotiation of relevant international judicial aid treaties; and performing the duties of the central government authorities as specified in the judicial aid treaties.

11. Guiding the foreign exchange and cooperation in the judicial administration system; organizing or joining in the UN anticrime activities and other activities in the field of criminal justice; and undertaking the judicial administration matters relating to Hong Kong and Macao.

12. Taking charge of the administration of guns, ammunition, clothes and police cars in the judicial administration system; and guiding and supervising the financial matters in the judicial administration system.

13. Guiding and supervising the judicial administration team, the ideological style and work style; police management and supervision in the judicial administration system; and assisting in the management of leaders of judicial offices (bureaus) of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities.

14. Handling other matters assigned by the State Council.

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