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Judicial offices

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I. Functions of Judicial Offices

Judicial offices are the dispatched offices of County (City or District) Judicial Bureaus in towns (sub-districts) and the basic judicial administrative unit, and an important component of local administrative and judicial departments.

Judicial offices play an important role in directly providing legal services and legal protection for the general public and in resolving conflicts and disputes, maintaining social stability, and serving and promoting economic and social development.

The Judicial offices, in accordance with the law, perform the following duties:

1. Guiding people's mediation and participating in the mediation of difficult and complicated private disputes.

2. Undertaking routine community correction.

3. Conducting the assistance, education and settlement of persons released upon completion of sentence.

4. Guiding local legal services and assisting in legal aid.

5. Organizing legal publicity and education.

6. Assisting the people's governments at local level to promote governance in accordance with the law.

7. Handling social conflicts and disputes on behalf of local governments.

8. Participating in the comprehensive management of public security.

9. Undertaking other tasks assigned by the judicial administrative organs at higher levels and by the Party committees or governments at the town (sub-district) levels. With the advancement of the public legal service system, many towns (sub-districts), relying on the judicial offices, have set up a one-stop and comprehensive platform of public legal service so as to provide the general public with convenient and efficient public legal services. (Note: every judicial office has a judicial administrative emblem.)

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