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In 2017, national secondary vocational schools had an average student population of 1,533. The students’ average building area was 18.7 square meters, and their average equipment value was 6,362 yuan ($925), a year-on-year increase of 11.7 percent. For every 100 students 21.8 own a computer that can be used for teaching.

China's vocational education has four levels: primary, secondary, higher and vocational training. Secondary vocational education is the mainstay.

China Vocational Education System

Educational level

Education undertaker

Length of schooling

Target of enrollment

Teaching content

Training objectives


Primary vocational education


Vocational junior high school


3 to 4 years

Personnel who have graduated from primary schools or received education equivalent to primary school

Junior high school cultural courses; productive labor, and vocational technology courses


Skilled workers


Secondary vocational education


Secondary professional schools, technical schools, vocational high schools, adult secondary professional schools



Mainly 3 years


Personnel who have graduated from junior high school or received education equivalent to junior high school

High school cultural knowledge education, vocational knowledge education and vocational skills training


Middle and junior technicians, managers, primary school teachers, etc.



Higher vocational education


Junior college, vocational university and adult college



2 to 3 years


Ordinary high school and secondary vocational school graduates

University cultural knowledge, professional culture knowledge and professional skills


High-skilled talents such as application-oriented and process-oriented talents


Vocational Training

Adult technical training school, vocational school and employment training center


Flexible time


Not limited


Diverse contents


Improve the technical knowledge and professional skills of workers

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