Consumer Rights and Complaints

Notes in consumer complaints

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Complaints should be made in a timely manner

When consumers’ rights and interests are violated due to the purchase or use of commodities or acceptance of services, they shall promptly lodge a complaint with the local department that is in charge of the product quality problems. Timely complaint is conducive to correctly judging the distinction between the degree of commodity damage and normal wear, which can accurately explain the situation, especially those related to service quality.

When consumers’ rights and interests are breached, whether through consultation with the responsible person, production unit or business operators, or through complaint to the department accepting product quality problems, the facts shall be truthfully explained or written down, and shall not be exaggerated, shrunk, distorted or concealed.

Requirements and opinions should be reasonable and lawful

The grounds for complaint shall be justified and in conformity with the relevant national laws and regulations, such as the Product Quality Law, the Law on the Protection of Consumer Rights and Interests, and the Regulations on the Responsibility for the Repair, Replacement, and Return of Partial Commodities. Therefore, consumers should learn to understand the relevant laws and regulations, correctly use legal weapons, and legally require the return or claim for compensation, so as to facilitate a fair, accurate, and prompt solution of problems.

Materials should be complete

Consumer complaints shall be submitted in writing or in a detailed dictation signed and sealed by the consumer.

① The written materials shall indicate the date, month, year of purchase or receipt of the service, and the items of purchase or receipt of the service;

② Indicate the name, ID card number, address, postal code, telephone number of the complainant as well as the name, address, postal code, contact person and telephone number of the respondent;

③ Indicate the fact of the damage, the name, model, specification, quantity and price of the commodity purchased, the production unit and the course of negotiation with the responsible person;

④ Complaints should be accompanied by circumstantial evidence, such as purchase invoices or sales vouchers. You are advised to keep the original and submit copies. Don’t mail tickets, documents and samples in case of loss.

⑤ The consumer shall provide evidence related to the complaint where there is a causal link between the purchase, use of the goods or acceptance of the services and the damage, unless otherwise stipulated by laws and regulations.

Evidence must be conclusive

Evidence of damage caused by the product: consumers shall submit documents evidencing physical injury, disability or death caused by the product, medical expenses incurred for the treatment of pain and suffering, cost of lost labor, living allowances and burial expenses. All these expenses shall be compensated only if sufficient evidence of the fact of damage is provided. Consumers shall provide evidence that the damage was caused by a defect in the product or service.

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