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Export tax rebate

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“Export tax rebate” refers to the refund of the VAT and consumption tax actually paid on export goods during domestic production and circulation. The export tax rebate system is an important part of the national tax system.

According to the relevant regulations, the goods exported by trade enterprises must simultaneously meet the following four conditions: (1) must be goods within the scope of the value-added tax and consumption tax collection; (2) must be declared goods for export; (3) must be goods designated for export sales; (4) must be goods that have been verified for export collection.

The manufacturer (manufacturer with import and export operation rights, manufacturer that handles export through foreign trade enterprises, and foreign-invested enterprises) must meet one more condition when applying for export tax rebates: the goods for which the tax refund is applied must have been produced by the same enterprise or have been self-made by the same person.


For an export trading company, the basis for calculating the export tax rebate is not how much it exports, but how much it purchased for export. The tax rebate amount = the input amount listed in the VAT special invoice × tax rebate rate

For an export manufacturing enterprise, the basis for calculating the export tax rebate is export income (FOB price) × exchange rate × tax rebate rate

For enterprises that have both domestic and export sales, the tax rebate amount = (FOB price × exchange rate - tax-free purchase price of raw materials) × tax rebate rate.

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