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The most popular online shopping payment methods in China include electronic bank payment, third-party payment, and cash on delivery.

Cash on delivery:You can choose cash, POS or checks to pay for the goods when the order is delivered. You can also scan the barcode on the parcel through the APP of the relevant e-commerce platform and use your mobile phone to complete the payment.

Online payment:Please choose "My Order", click "Payment" and follow the instructions. Currently, online payment platforms accept Yu’ebao, bank cards, E-bank, WeChat, UnionPay online, online banking wallet and credit card installments. You can choose one according to your own preferences.

Installment payment:You can select the number of installments according to the requirements of the banks of each platform, such as 3, 6 and 12. Online installment can be completed by submitting credit card information and certification. You can also speak to a e-commerce customer service agent to confirm related information.

Company transfer:If you select the offline company transfer, a 15-digit remittance ID will be generated after you place the order. Please follow the instructions for bank transfers, then enter “My Order” to fill in the payment confirmation.

Transfer money at the post office:After the order is successfully submitted, please follow the instructions and go to the post office to transfer. Then fill in the payment confirmation in “My Order”.

*What is a third-party payment?

Third-party payment refers to the online payment mode provided by an independent organization with certain strength and credit guarantees. That organization has a contract with major banks to provide the transaction payment platform that interfaces with the bank payment settlement system. In the third-party payment mode, buyers use the account provided by the third-party platform to make payment (payment to a third party), and the third party notifies the seller and requests the delivery. After the buyer receives and inspects the goods, the buyer will notify the third party; then the third party transfers the payment to the seller's account.

The advantage of third-party payment is security because only the payment intermediary has the credit card information and account information of the buyer, which can greatly reduce the risk of leakage of personal information.

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