Permanent Residence

Benefits and obligations of PRP holders

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With the exception of political rights and in some other areas where the law has ruled differently, an alien who holds the Chinese green card will enjoy the same rights and will have the same obligations as a Chinese citizen.

Major benefits for PRP holders include:

1. Entering and leaving China freely without needing a visa.
2. Working freely and without restrictions in China;
3. Undertaking direct investment with legally owned money;
4. Taking part in professional qualification reviews and tests;
5. The children of a PRP holder can receive compulsory education and enjoy the same rights as Chinese citizens.
6. Participating in social insurance;
7. Buying commercial housing for own use and residence in China;
8. Being entitled to the same treatment as Chinese citizens when applying for bank card, insurance, securities and futures, or other financial services;
9. Having access to the same ticket prices for parks, entertainment, or other forms of consumption as Chinese citizens;
10. The PRP as legal identification in China is valid for use for boarding domestic flights, purchasing trainfares, and hotel check-ins nationwide;
11. Being entitled to the same treatment as Chinese citizens when applying for motor vehicle registration and driver's license.

PRP holders also have obligations and the permit will be cancelled under four circumstances:

1. You are deemed likely to cause harm to national security or interests;
2. You are ordered by the people’s court to be expelled from the country;
3. You have obtained permanent residence through falsified materials or other illegal methods;
4. Your accumulated stay in a year is less than three months, or your accumulated stay in a period of five years in China is less than one year, without permission.

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