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Guizhou is home to 11 airports. Namely, Guiyang Longdongbu International Airport, Zunyi Xinzhou Airport, Tongren Fenghuang Airport, Xingyi Wanfenlin International Airport, Li Ping Airport, Libo Airport, Anshun Huangguoshu Airport, Bijie Feixiong Airport, Kali Huangping Airport, Liu Panshui Yuezhao Airport, and Zunyi Maotai Airport.

Guiyang Longdongbu International Airport is the largest air transport hub in Guizhou, with airlines flying to almost all provincial capitals and small-to-medium-sized cities in China. It is located in eastern Guiyang, about 11 kilometers from the city center. The airport is classed at the 4E level. By the end of April 2017, the airport had flights to 91 cities, including 74 domestic cities and 17 foreign cities.

Zunyi Xinzhou Airport, the second largest airport in Guizhou, is located in Honghuagang district in Zunyi, 35 km to the east of the Zunyi urban area.

Tongren Fenghuang Airport was built in 1958. It was first opened in 1972 and subsequently suspended in 1982. In 2001, the renovation and expansion of the airport was completed for a cost of 163 million yuan before being reopened. The airport is 21 km from Tongren city and 34 km from Fenghuang county. It was renamed on Oct 28, 2009 and is shared by Tongren city and Xiangxi prefecture.

Xingyi Wanfenlin International Airport in Xingyi city is located at the junction of Yunnan province, Guizhou province, and Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region. In 2000, the airport was approved by the State Council and the Central Military Commission. In 2004, its construction was completed.

Li Ping Airport is located in Liping county, Guizhou province. It is adjacent to Hunan and Guangxi provinces. A total of 240 million yuan was invested into its construction. It was officially put into operation on Sept 26, 2006.

Libo Airport is located in Libo county at the southern tip of Buyi and Miao autonomous prefecture in Guizhou province. Libo Airport is positioned as a tourist ancillary airport. It was opened in Nov 2007.

Anshun Huangguoshu Airport, built in 2004, is located in Anshun, Guizhou province. It is 6 km from the city center. It is located in the western golden tourist line of Guizhou, which features natural human landscapes such as Huangguoshu Waterfall and Longgong Scenic Area. It will become an important air traffic hub for China's westbound tourism.

Bijie Feixiong Airport is located in Feixiong village, about 18 km from Bijie City.

Kali Huangping Airport is located in Huangping county, southeast of Miao and Dong autonomous prefecture in Guizhou province. It is 12 km northeast of Huangping county and 54 km from Kaili city. It is a 4C civil airport and is a tourist regional airport in Guizhou province.

Liu Panshui Yuezhao Airport is located in Liupanshui city, Guizhou province. The airport is 10.5 km from the city center and was officially opened on Nov 28, 2014.

Zunyi Maotai Airport is the second civil airport in Zunyi. It was jointly funded by Maotai Group and the Renhuai Municipal People's Government. It is 16 km from Renhuai city. The airport was built to the 4C standard. The airport runway is 2,600 meters long, with 4 parking lots. Its terminal building covers 15,000 square meters.

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