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Guizhou is a transportation hub in the southwestern region of China. It is an important transit place between northwestern and southwestern provinces and coastal areas. Guizhou has formed a road network centering on Guiyang and radiating to almost all cities and counties in Guizhou. A number of expressways pass through Guizhou, including 8 national expressways, namely, Lanhai (Lanzhou-Haikou) line, Hangrui (Hangzhou-Ruili) line, Xiarong (Xiamen-Chengdu) line, Rongzun (Chengdu-Zunyi) line, Hukun (Shanghai-Kunming) line, Shankun (Shantou-Kunming) line, Duxiang (Duyun-Shangrila) line, and Guiyang Beltway, and some provincial expressways.

The length of expressways in Guizhou exceeds 5,100 kilometers, with a density of 2.9 kilometers per 100 square kilometers. There are 15 expressway exits out of the province. During the 13th Five-Year Plan, Guizhou is expected to invest 500 billion yuan in road construction. By 2020, the total length of the province's roads will reach 200,000 km.

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