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According to “Made in China 2025”, the “Big Data Development Strategy” and “Internet Plus”, Guizhou province is focusing on building big data supporting products and information integration industry systems. With the separate but coordinated development of Guiyang, Guian New Area, Zunyi and other seven cities (states), Guizhou will build a comprehensive national big data pilot area. The output value of the electronic information manufacturing industry is expected to reach 100 billion yuan ($14.9 billion) by 2020.

Manufacturing of electronic information products
Guizhou will focus on developing modularized, high frequency, power-saving, and intelligent electron components, and the industrialization of electronic products led by the 4G communication terminal. Emphasis will be on the development and application of key technologies in the designing, manufacturing and packaging of integrated chips, such as the Beidou positioning and navigation module and the communication module.

Guizhou will also develop reliable and powerful manufacturing, packaging and testing technology with a thick film integrated circuit design, promote the industrialization of high end MEMS radio-frequency filters, improve the production scale of lithium battery materials, semiconductor electronic slurries, electronic copper foils, high performance magnetic materials and other electronic materials, increase applications of advanced electronic technology, form a complete production support system, use sensing and controlling electronic components in key fields such as internet of things, automotive electronics, industrial control systems, and other key fields to promote the industrialization of products (services) such as intelligent mobile terminals, GIS, internet of things, IC cards, smart cities, colorful Guizhou, etc., and promote the popularization and application of advanced technology such as bar codes and RFID (radio frequency identification).

Big data intelligent terminal
Guizhou will focus on developing smart phones, smart TVs, smart homes, portable computers, Beidou satellite navigation, and wearable equipment, and promoting display panels, display modules, control circuits and other supporting industries along the industrial chain. Guizhou will also actively promote the development and industrialization of household audio-visual equipment, automotive electronics, health electronics, information security, cloud servers, data center devices, cloud storage devices and desktop cloud terminals.

Guizhou has built an electronic information manufacturing industry cluster led by big data, formed a cluster of integrated circuit and electronic component enterprises, and in 2017 created a new era in the electronic information manufacturing industry with big data as its core.

Guizhou plans to turn big data into a major supporter of the electronic information industry, and turn the production of intelligent terminals into a major industry in southwest China by 2020.

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