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Guizhou aims to strengthen the Chinese medicine industry, cultivate and develop biopharmaceuticals, accelerate the development of chemical drugs, promote the development of medical instruments and medical materials, expand the new pharmaceutical derivatives industry, cultivate the dominant varieties, create leading enterprises, and become the largest research and development base in China. Guizhou strives to raise the total output value of national medicine to 100 billion yuan ($14.54 billion) by 2020.

Guizhou will encourage the research of innovative medicine, strengthen the clinical reevaluation after the new products are listed, further develop existing innovative drugs and exclusive varieties of national medicine, further strengthen research on the quality control technology of the traditional Chinese medicine production process, further expand the existing medicine market, and strengthen the maintenance of existing brands and market to prolong the life cycle of products.

Guizhou consolidated the pillar industries of traditional Chinese medicine and national medicine, developed officinal and edible products, promoted the development of chemical pharmaceuticals, biological drugs, medical instruments and new pharmaceutical derivatives, and completed the new pharmaceutical industry system in 2017, and aims to build an industrial system for traditional Chinese medicine, ethnic medicine, biopharmaceuticals, chemical drugs, medical devices and medical materials by 2020.

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