Personal authentication process for overseas Alipay users

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1. Log into Alipay (www.alipay.com), click "account settings" -- "basic information" -- "immediate authentication"



2. Go to the authentication page and click "immediate authentication".



3. Go to the identity verification page and select region (legend: Hong Kong, China). Fill in your name, ID number, ID expiration date, date of birth, and ID card renewal frequency. Then click the "confirm and submit" button.



4. After completing all your identity information, you can choose between "bank card verification" or "face scanning verification".


Tips: Face scanning verification is currently only available to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan users with a Mainland Travel Permit.

If you choose bank card verification, you will need to go to the bank card linking page, which leads you to the link.


(1) The card needs to be issued in the Chinese mainland.

(2) To complete your identity information and gain access to more functions, the documents that need to be uploaded are different according to region.

Taiwan users must provide: Mainland Travel Permit for Taiwan Residents (only the basic identity information page needs to be submitted).

Hong Kong and Macao users must provide: Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macao Residents (only the basic identity information page needs to be submitted in the form of a paper permit or plastic card).

Other overseas users must provide: passport (the basic identity information page and the stamped entry page need to be submitted).

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